Actuo is the first aerosol actuator which can be easily operated using only one hand – without having to hold the aerosol can. The unique design makes the product application easier and helps to keep the product clean and more hygienic. Actuo fits almost any can size and can be used for a variety of products in the form of mousse, foam or gel.


Locking options

Lock your product against accidental and unintentional application using the locking pin or protective cap.

Standing or hanging

Application of the product on the hand is extremely convenient and it can be done when the product stands e.g. on the table or when it is mounted on the wall. Try actuo can holder!

how to use actuo

Using actuo is extremely simple.


Unlock the actuator by pulling the locking pin.

Use with one hand

Place the back of your hand on actuo by sliding it between your fingers. Then press your hand down.


Enjoy using your product.


Actuo is an aerosol actuator for products applied on hand, applicable in everyday use, especially for cosmetic and personal care products.


keep your product clean
even with coloring formulas

- hair foams
- body pealings
- body bronzers


no need fo gripping
makes your one hand free

- shower mousses
- shaving gels
- products for the elderly & disabled


minimal contact
minimizes germs spreading

- sanitizing foams
- hand gels
- washing soaps

The ADF Paris Awards

Actuo has been successfully presented at Aerosol & Dispensing Forum in Paris, which won a certificate award for the best Personal Care Aerosol in the prestigious 2020 ADF Paris Packaging Innovation Awards!